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Forum Romania Inedit / Carti in limbi straine / David Wood Moderat de 80Inanna, Saw, naid, nch, uncris  
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10. Legends (epub)

A vanished island of horrors.
An ancient artifact that can change the course of the past.
An urban legend come to life.
A dangerous game where the stakes are life and death.
A perilous expedition into the jungle. ... W.rar/file

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11. Golden Dragon (epub)

Dane Maddock knows it’s a bad idea to hitch a ride with a stranger But when the former Navy SEAL turned treasure hunter finds himself stranded in upstate New York in the middle of the worst storm in a century, his options are limited. When he climbs inside a battered Volkswagen, he has no idea what he’s stepping into.
Maddock’s old enemies, the Dominion, are plotting to unleash terror in Times Square on New Year’s Eve in the form of a legendary beast. To stop them, Maddock must harness the power of an ancient artifact, or die trying. ... W.rar/file

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12. Emerald Dragon (epub)

When his old friend is murdered, Dane Maddock finds himself the prime suspect. To clear his name, Maddock and Bones Bonebrake must find the legendary Bachal Isu, the Staff of Christ. But a dangerous pagan cult, the Tuatha, has set their eyes on the fabled staff, and plan on using it to raise the Emerald Dragon. ... W.rar/file

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