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GENERAL POLITENESS The only language spoken/written on this forum is ENGLISH A "Thank You" if a post has been helpful to You Your opinion ( except for non-tolerated behavior ) Being an active poster, not just a leecher. Posting in the correct forums Political or religion post or talks are not allowed! (including conspiracy theories, plots, assassination plans etc.!) This is a Warez board! Racist Talk or Ideas are not allowed Don't use CAPS in your post, it could look offensive Helping out others, especially new members Using the Search function before making a post to ensure there are no duplicate posts If a post requires a fix ( crack, key generator, patch links or serial numbers ) to make it work, also include them in Your post Respect decisions of the staff, as they are usually final If you have a problem with another member of this community, use the Personal Message ( PM ) button to tell a staff member ( Moderators or Administrators ) about the situation and we will try to solve it Each forum member may have only one account. AVATAR LIMITS Its size cannot be greater than 125x125 pixels ( height x width ) and 100KB It shouldn't be offensive in any way Do not upload avatars or pictures to ImageShack Images uploaded to ImageShack will be censored and will not show at all. SIGNATURE LIMITS Signature's length cannot be greater than 380 characters Image placed in the signature cannot be bigger than 150x400 pixels ( height x width ) Images placed in the signature cannot be offensive in any way One image can be used in the signature ONCE only Advertising warez-related forums in the signature is strongly prohibited ( will resolve in the signature deletion and a warning! ) Danasoft signatures are not allowed! sigs and (almost same as danasoft) not allowed Sig or avatar links to or !!! are not allowed A signature cannot contain any links to a blog or forum Signatures must be on english, only Political or a religion signature are not allowed If a member uses as a signature, replies or opens a post with a link to a file without any real content, with the only purpose to collect Rapidshare points, that member will be Banned from ROMANIA INEDIT. POSTING Before making a post use the SEARCH ( CAUTA ) function Please refer to this topic for instructions on how to use it Add Your links to existing topics ( if there are any ) Do not post hacking utilities, flooders, email harvesters/spam tools, virus development tools/tutorials! This includes Myspace mass friend-adders and the like Information is crucial so always add it to Your post ( screenshots, if available, as well ) Always add a VALID link and a fix ( if one exists ) Check fix-links ( viruses, worms, Trojans and browser hijackers ) before posting Do not post TRIAL versions as they are easy to find Freeware versions are welcome If You want to add a reply to Your topic, please use the EDIT button instead of making double-posts No trading! This is not a trade warez site. Warez is free and will remain free Test the link before You post it ! Do not Flood our board Use of PROTECTED MESSAGE is not allowed , unless we tell u Do not bump old threads just to say the links are dead or to ask for a reupload. Use the appropriate request section instead. Post direct links only Do not post links to any blogs or forums Do not bypass the word censor it can result in a warning All passwords are to be given in plain unformatted text ( no rar/text files and no colours / bold / underline etc ) Keyloggers are not allowed anymore. REQUESTS Take Your time to and use the SEARCH ( CAUTA ) function to see whether a similar request has already been made Request should be made in the apropriate sections Don't make requests in topic's we have a request section or use the pm button if you have a question for the original poster. Do not request stuff that is out of this planet ( Quake 6, UT 2010 etc. ) Do not request hacking utilities, flooders, email harvesters/spam tools, virus development tools/tutorials! Do not ask for Credit Card numbers, IP addresses, usernames, passwords, fake IDs etc.! Do not request porn/other offensive content Be precise when requesting: write EXACTLY what you are searching for Do not bump a request if nobody replied to your question. You have to wait at least 3 days until you bump your request. Do say "Thank You" to those, who helped You. Once Your request has been fulfilled, please add [Solved !] in the front of Your post's title and pm a mod to close the topic. WARNING SYSTEM A maximum of 3 warnings can be given to a member of this forum. These can be earned by breaking any of the above rules. After receiving a 3rd warning, Your account will be banned automatically If You redeem yourself, You will lose the warnings throughout time. WAYS TO GET WARNING OR A BAN Arguing with a MOD/ADMIN. They have the warning and ban button's, you don't. Reposts ( one mistake can happen, if it happens often you will receive an official warning ) Double-posts ( for not using the EDIT button a warning will be given ) Posting porn content (if found posted warning or ban will be given)(also by PM) Excessive swearing (if You get caught, a warning will be given) Requesting hacking/cracking/phreaking/flooding/spamming utilities Requesting porn/other offensive content (also by PM) Requesting in a non requesting area or ontopic, it can cost you a warning or in some cases even a ban use the request section or pm the one you have a question for Advertising other forums (if advertised "too much" a warning or ban will be given) Advertising warez-related forums (automatic ban!) PM-Spam ( automatic ban ) Flame wars ( both people involved will recieve a warning ) Racist Talk or Ideas (automatic ban) Going offtopic can get you warned at moderators discretion Posting links with files uploaded with @yagbu password somewhere else (link stealing) posting of religious stuff automatic ban this is a warezboard Not using the Search button Chatting ontopic; ROMANIA INEDIT is not a BIG chatbox, it can cost you a warning or in some cases even a ban, we have the lounge and for discussing technical stuff you can use the Technology Basement REPORTING POSTS Please report dead/duplicate/censored/offensive posts by PM only. Always give the link to the thread you are reporting. Do not post anything in the thread itself - this is considered bumping a dead topic or contributing to an offensive thread. you can get a warning for it since it has no use In the case of spammers - do not reply to the thread or give them any attention apart from reporting by PM. You can get a warning for it, since it has no use to reply to a spammer, so only report by PM We are forced to these rules , because some of you only do this to spam your post count HOW TO BECOME A STAFF MEMBER Do not ask anyone of the staff if you can become a vip /moderator/admin. If we think you are doing great and will need more staff we will contact You