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Forum Romania Inedit / Carti in limbi straine / Daniel Leston Moderat de 80Inanna, Saw, naid, nch, uncris  
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   Daniel Leston

David Manning Series

   1. The Amun Chamber (2012)
   2. The Genghis Tomb (2012)
   3. The Emperor's Treasure (2013)
   4. The Porus Legacy (2014)
   5. The Ionian Paradigm (2018)

Daniel Leston - 01 The Amun Chamber (epub)

Two thousand years ago in Egypt's exotic city of Alexandria, the single most revered treasure of the Mediterranean would inexplicably disappear from the pages of history. Believed irretrievably lost to all but legend, few dared dream the possibility that it might still exist . . .
Until now! Guided by the discovery of an ancient artefact, a determined professor of archaeology and a beautiful New England heiress join forces in the quest of a lifetime. Overcoming treachery and deadly obstacles, they follow an ever-murderous trail that eventually leads them to a barren, desert valley containing a stunning secret -- one the modern world may not yet be prepared to accept. ... C.rar/file

daniel leston   manning  1. the amun chamber  2. the genghis tomb  3. the


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Daniel Leston - 02 The Genghis Tomb (epub)

Once again, through the chance discovery of an ancient artifact, Professor David Manning finds himself drawn into a major archaeological hunt - only this time the international stakes involved are much higher and far more deadly than anyone could foresee. One country will do anything to find and secure it - while another will do whatever it takes to see it destroyed. Caught in the middle, Manning must use all of his wits and survival instincts to not only locate it, but also to insure that this monumental national treasure is preserved for all time . . . ... T.rar/file

daniel leston daniel leston the genghis tomb (epub)once again, through the chance discovery ancient


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Daniel Leston - 03 The Emperor's Treasure (epub)

Upon returning to New England after a long hiatus overseas, Prof. David Manning quickly finds himself involved in yet another extraordinary archaeological adventure---one 500 years in the making. Drawn into an investigation of a mysterious and brutal murder in the desert country of West Texas, his determined effort to find the perpetrators sets him on the hunt for a lost Aztec treasure beyond all imagining.
Both are inextricably entwined.
Pitted against a ruthless, multi-millionaire descendant of one of the original conquistadors---a man who will stop at nothing to gain the prize---Manning finds himself contending at every turn with an array of cold-blooded killers, all equally unwavering in their desire to see him dead. ... T.rar/file

daniel leston daniel leston the emperor's treasure (epub)upon returning new england after long


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Daniel Leston - 04 The Porus Legacy (epub)

In the aftermath of Egypt's recent political turmoil, Professor David Manning and his wife, Elizabeth, again find themselves drawn into yet another perilous adventure - this time to locate a stunning treasure that few historians even knew existed. But another has learned of their quest, putting them on a collision course with the most ruthless and sinister adversary they have ever faced. No stranger to desperate situations, David must pursue a deadly trail of tantalizing clues, testing his abilities at every turn. To do less would prove fatal. ... L.rar/file

daniel leston daniel leston the porus legacy (epub)in the aftermath egypt's recent political


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Daniel Leston - 05 The Ionian Paradigm (epub)

As occurred several times previously in the long and successful career of Archaeology Professor David Manning, he is again drawn into a complex quest when an unusual artifact points the way to lost Greek treasures of epic proportions. This starts him and his wife, Elizabeth, on an adventure so ultimately challenging that it could possibly bring his record of past achievements to an abrupt and lethal close, and he fears his best efforts may not be enough to accomplish the daunting task set before him. Not only are foreign governments involved, but his main adversary is literally a man with infinite wealth at his disposal -- someone whose inflexible personal hatred for Manning knows no limitations. ... P.rar/file

daniel leston daniel leston the ionian paradigm (epub)as occurred several times previously the long


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