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Zilele trecute am dat peste o arhiva cu o serie de joculete foarte apreciate de juniorii mei!

400 Coloring Pages For Kids

16 mb




Crayola Magic Coloring Book

Crayola Magic Coloring Book Favorite Places, ages 3 - 7 - PC Kids Games

Crayola  Magic 3D Coloring Book  Favorite Places CD-ROM software -- for children ages three to seven -- designed to inspire children's imagination and creative self-expression. IBM's Crayola Magic 3D Coloring Book Favorite Places enables children to select from over 100 coloring pages that include color-by-number and connect-the-dot images. As children color, the images are shadowed realistically, emerging as lifelike, three-dimensional works of art.
IBM's Crayola Magic 3D Coloring Book Favorite Places features five different coloring book categories based on the popular themes for kids-- Around Town, Circus, Fantasy, Space and Vehicles. The coloring book features Crayola's 64 classic colors (which can transform to "glitter" crayons with the click of a button), 20 textures (from zebra skin to daisy patterns) and five wacky tools, including a "paint hose" which lets children effortlessly color fantastic images in 3D over and over again, with dozens of pre-rendered patterns and reward animations.

3D-lightful Coloring
* Cool 3D computer coloring is fun for hours
* Surprising sounds and animations reward creativity
* Imaginations blossom as kids explore unlimited ways to color

7 Exciting Coloring Activities
* Spend a day at the Circus
* Blast into Space
* Buckle up for Vehicle voyages
* Travel Around Town
* Frolic with Fantasy fairies & dragons
* PLUS... Color-by-Number and Connect-the-Dot activities

Packed with Crayola Quality
* 64 classic Crayola colors
* 20 amazing 3D textures and patterns
* 5 extra fun tools included: paint, paint hose, and glitter tool

Great Fun Off-Screen
* Print out pages to color away from the computer
* Collect favorite 3D pictures in a personal Scrap Book
* Print out creations to share with friends and family

Helps Kids Develop...
* Creativity and imagination
* Knowledge of ABCs, 123s, and colors
* Confidence in self-expression
* Early computer skills

Iso file

Burn iso with nero/alcohol, or mount on virtual drive.

size :146 mb compressed (311 mb uncompressed)



Brain Challenge

Watch Video Give your brain a vitamin boost, and take a fun evaluation of your mental capacity.
Work with your favorite personal coach to improve your cerebral agility.
Delve into 20 distinct games in five categories (Memory, Visual, Logic, Match, and Focus).
How do you cope with the day-to-day craze? Find out with the Daily and Stress Management Test.
Keep track of your daily progress and evaluate your level of brain activity in Brain Challenge ?.
Visual, memory, logic game Stress management mode Manage your mental health

61 mb



Greedy Words

It'll take quick-thinking and a little luck to win this dice-rolling word puzzler. Push your lexicon to the limit by trying to form words up to eight-letters in length. The more times you roll, the higher the stakes become. When you clear a level, you'll progress to a brain-bending crossword-style bonus round. Choose from English, French, or Spanish modes and use the built-in dictionary to help you out in a pinch. A great educational tool for all ages!

12 mb


Caillou - Colors & Shapes

Colors and Shapes: Players spend the day with Caillou and his artistic Grandma who leads them in activities about shape and color recognition and association. Coloring and Creativity: Have fun coloring pictures of Caillou and his friends. Also featuring printable arts and crafts projects for the family.

85 mb

Download ... Shapes.rar

Caillou Alphabet

Join Caillou and his friends as they teach your child preschool alphabet skills. Play in English, Spanish, or French. Entertaining activities provide hours of fun and learning, and they're different each time you play!

Apple Drop: Which apples in the tree have a capital or lowercase A on them?
Fishing for F's: Click the fish with capital or lowercase F's as they swim by.

Hot Air Balloons: Find the balloons that have a capital or lowercase H on them.
Earthworms: Click and drop the earthworms in the capital and lowercase E to see the letters.

Skills: Capital letters; Lowercase letters; Beginning reading; Letter order.

Features: Audio instructions no reading necessary; Designed by educators; Original voices from the Caillou series; Original animation; 26 activities.

No installation required! Just click Start.

26 mb

Download ... phabet.rar

Caillou Kindergarten

Caillou leads kids on a learning adventure in English, Spanish or French. This CD contains Caillou Counting, Caillou Thinking Skills and Caillou Coloring and Creativity, three great programs.

This CD designed by educators features the original voices from the Caillou PBS kids television series. Instructions are spoken aloud for pre-readers.

There are 25 activities that teach number identification, sequencing, numerical order and numerical relationships.

This program introduces kids to important thinking skills like sorting, same and different, associations and more. Kids play 25 fun activities as they sharpen logic and reasoning and critical thinking skills. Kids also learn about sequencing and patterns.

Children play matching games, identify same and different, put together toys and listen to directions to clean up Caillou's room.

Children have fun coloring pictures. Kids can color pictures on the computer or print them out for creative fun away from the computer.

Learning and playing with Caillou is always fun. Kids will love these programs as they get ready for Kindergarten or for some extra help during the school year.

93 mb

Download ... garten.rar

The Fairies Fairy Magic

Join The Fairies in Fairy Magic, a CD ROM computer game designed to entertain and enthrall children who love The Fairies. The program contains six early learning activities designed to educate and entertain young children. The activites are designed to stay fresh and challenging, offering children rich features and multiple difficulty levels that cater for ages 3-7.

181 mb

Download ... _Magic.rar

Little Shop - Memories

Say good bye to your little shop, and get ready for an exciting future, in Little Shop - Memories. When the opportunity to open a Little Shop in paradise comes knocking on your door, you just can't resist!

But there are so many memories in your Little Shop it sure will be hard to leave. Search through your memories and discover photos, trinkets, and other keepsakes from your journey to becoming a successful Little Shop entrepreneur.

Explore 12 vivid environments covering five decades from your past. Remember that first lemonade stand in the 60's where you first got the buzz for business? Featuring two game modes, exciting Bonus Rounds, and a nearly endless variety of cleverly hidden objects, Little Shop - Memories is a dazzling trip down memory lane.

68 mb

Download ... mories.rar

Funpark Fortune (Pokie Magic)

You will delight in the vibrant colours and magical wins in Funpark Fortune. Join the clowns and Elmo the wildcard elephant and prepare for the Ferris Feature where your wins can be multiplied up to 3125 times!

12 mb

Download ... Magic_.rar

Kids Colouring Book 2006 (incl Picture Packs)

Kids Colouring Book 2006 allows your kids to color over 5,000 pictures, using virtual crayons and buckets, and a bright easy to use interface designed for use by all ages! Pictures can be saved to disk, opened from disk and printed in full color to show friends and family! * Over 5,000 different pictures included with full version * Color pictures on your PC using Virtual Crayons and Buckets *

Picture Packs :


63 mb

Download ... _Packs.rar

Home Sweet Home 2 Kitchens and Baths

Swagger into the hip lifestyle of uptown apartment living in this Sweet sequel. It`s time to create the kitchens and bathrooms of your clients` dreams. Decipher clues to determine what your clients need, then design a room with your own creative style and moxie. Home Sweet Home 2 delivers hundreds of new furnishings and appliances in 12 stylish categories. Even the savviest home designers will devour these brain-teasing Time Management riddles.

* Design dream homes!
* Stylish levels
* Hundreds of furniture pieces
* Get back to design basics in Home Sweet Home

35 mb

Download ... _Baths.rar
Home Sweet Home

Picture the scene. You move into a new house and you have visions of how you want every room, except for one. Sure, there are some items you know you need in that room but, other than that, it's a blank canvas. Who do you call? How about the 'Home Sweet Home' team?
Learn about your clients to ensure you are designing the perfect room for their tastes. Next, choose the furniture, choose the colors and patterns and place items around the room until the design is perfect. Then direct your build team of workers to assemble it all in front of your eyes!
With simple controls, a fun graphical style and an easy to use interface, Home Sweet Home allows the player to nurture their creative gaming experience. Remember - a house is not a home until its 'Home Sweet Home'!

23 mb

Download ... t_Home.rar

LittleFingers Software for kids :

LittleFingers Preschool

Six activities to reinforce early learning skills such as same/different, letters of the alphabet, counting with numbers 1 to 10, shapes, colors, and reasoning by completing a series of puzzles

LittleFingers Classroom Volume 1

Developed for children in grades pre-K through grade 1. Six educational lessons reinforcing the alphabet, colors same/different, sorting and patterns

LittleFingers Classroom Volume 2

Seven educational lessons for children in grade 2 covering alphabetizing, ordinal numbers, parts of a book, phonics, vowel sounds, skip counting, and fiction and non-fiction

LittleFingers Classroom Volume 3

Eight educational lessons for children in grade 3 covering money, introduction to fractions, homonyms, plural nouns, spelling, place value and two math activities.

LittleFingers Classroom Volume 4

Eight educational lessons for children in grades 4 and 5 including averaging numbers, syllables, doubling consonants, fact or opinion, problem solving, map reading, verb tense, and correct usage of the words there, their and they're.

Littlefingers Picture Math

Six math activities using pictures - addition, subtraction, graphing, fractions, patterns, and shapes!

Little Red Wagon Town

Gain points by playing seven educational games and redeem your points for prizes in the redemption center!

44 mb


Eye for Design 1.001

After attending the most prestigious interior decorator academy in Paris, and graduating at the top of her class, Halle is ready to take the next step; starting her own business. Design and decorate ultimate dream homes for Halle's stylistically demanding clientele - from single-room studio apartments to elaborate multi-room mansions - while choosing from hundreds of colorful, uniquely chic accessories and pieces of furniture in this challenging, puzzle-filled adventure.

With guidance from her arrogant mentor Armand, help Halle build her reputation in the interior decorator community and achieve her goal of decorating the world-famous Lord Schmedly's Manor. To reach the top, it's going to take a lot of hard work, patience, and most of all, an Eye for Design™!

52 homes containing numerous rooms
7 uniquely themed neighborhoods
More than 200 increasingly-challenging levels
Bonus rooms awarded for in-game accomplishments

72 mb

Download ... _1.001.rar

Baby Luv


Baby Luv will have you falling in love with the cutest baby you'll ever see! Play hide and seek, feed and take care of her. Experience the joys of her first steps, her first words, first laugh and all of the fun of baby's first year.

44 mb


Posh Shop

Build a fabulous fashion empire in this fast-paced new challenge. Help shoppers find the perfect outfit by matching tops, bottoms, hats and more in a frenzy of colorful fun. Power-ups and shop upgrades will help you meet your quota, but you're going to have to be quick on your toes to keep your customers looking their best. Featuring innovative game design, exciting action, and gorgeous full-screen graphics, Posh Shop is the perfect fit for fast family fun.

16 mb


PictoWords 1.0.100

How quickly can you combine pictures and letters to create words?  Each level offers fun pictures which you must blend with letters to fill out the word list.  Solve them all to earn bonus points!

Unique twist on combining puzzles and pictures to make words

Hundreds of exciting levels will challenge your wit for hours

See if you can earn extra points for longest words,  fastest solutions and staying away from hints

Fun bonus rounds to mix things ups

Full Version Features
Instant activation from trial to full version with no additional downloads

No Internet connection needed to play

No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary

14 mb

Download ... .0.100.rar

Brain Train Age 3.80

Brain Train AgeTM trains your 5 abilities.

Train your brain on your PC! Do exercises everyday to keep your mind sharp and agile. Brain Train Age features various games, puzzles that keep your brain stimulated and maintain your brain abilities, including:

Analytic ability
Intuition ability
Calculating ability
Illation ability

Illation ability
Brain train age trains your illation ability. For example: you need point which the lightest according to the picture, cat is lighter than cow, snake is lighter than the cat, and which is the lightest one?

Brain train age trains your memory ability. What's the color of your boss' tie? Can't remember it? Want to have a good memory? Have some training's with Brain Train Age. An Instant Remembering training may help.

Brain train age trains your analysis ability. What is the number of the giving icon? What is the number of the toy bricks? You can not do that by one plus one, it needs your analysis.

Brain train age trains your intuition ability. What is the color of the word? It is "Green" though the word is "Red". Give your brain a training by your instant and correct intuition.

Brain train age trains your count ability. Do not look down on 1+1=?, do many of this you will find it is not as easy as you thought. Count is an interesting thing here.

8 mb

Download ... e_3.80.rar

Pack 75 Games For Kids

This pack contains 75 games :

* Bob the Builder 3 Games
* Calilou 4 Games
* Clifford the Big Red Dog 8 Games
* Dora the Explorer 8 Games
* Lilo & Stitch 5 Games
* Nick Jr. 13 Games
* Teletubbies 16 Games
* Wiggles 18 Games

51 mb

Download ... r_Kids.rar

Weekend Party Fashion Show

In Weekend Party Fashion Show, Lilly is working hard as a creative director at an advertising agency. Her duties consume most of her free time and there's not much time left for her passions; Shopping and creating her own fashion creations, but Lilly's about to get her lucky break! She must prepare models for a fashion shoot for the agency's biggest client. Help her shop for clothes, create stunning hairstyles and create gorgeous outfits in this original hidden object puzzler. Show your fashion sense in Weekend Party Fashion Show. Discover the Diva in you!

System Requirements:
* OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
* Processor: 700 MHz
* Memory: 256 MB
* DirectX: 8.0 or later

Download ... ow_1.0.rar

Way Ahead

Way Ahead takes beginners (or those who have followed a pre-school course) up to intermediate level. Structures and functions are taught through a variety of imaginative and inviting child-centred activities, which have been carefully graded and are suitable for classes in a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Please follow the links below to find out more about each component of the course, and access sample materials.

Each Pupil's Book provides the basis for 100 lessons per year in 20 units The units are thematic and every 5th unit is for revision.

The teacher's resource materials are fully mapped to the Pupil's Books and provide methodological and practical support for teachers using Way Ahead with their students.

Each level of Way Ahead is supplemented by a fully-mapped Workbook and Grammar Practice Book to help your students practise the structures they encounter during their lessons.

Each level of Way Ahead is supported by the Way Ahead Readers series. These include poetry, fiction, fact and drama. Each title is carefully graded to the appropriate level of language learning, and contains beautiful illustrations, related activities with teacher's notes and glossaries in selected titles.


Virtual Families 1.00.05

Virtual Families is a casual family sim that runs in true-real time. Adopt and nurture a needy person in the computer. Help them meet a mate, and start a family. Pass on the house to the next generations.

Game features:
Runs in true real-time like all LDW games.
Unique and fascinating adoptees from 1000's of combinations.
Fully trainable people: shape/adapt their personalities through praising and scolding!
Dynamic illness system. Play Doctor!
Over 100 trophies.
Hidden puzzles around the house.
Email 'events' and other random, unpredictable occurrences.
Weather, day/night cycles (synchronized to the player's system clock, so it is nighttime in the game when it is nighttime where you are!
Uses the technology behind Virtual Villagers for an accessible and stable player experience.

Life event notifications were sometimes mixing up people's names when it coincided with someone going off to college. Fixed.

Size : 55 MB

Download ... .00.05.rar

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gigi, tata, sa traiesti! multam fain! excelente pentru fiimea!

te rog sa verifici link-ul de RS pentru "Brain Challenge", nu merge!
... si pentru "The Fairies Fairy Magic"!

Modificat de Doktoru2000 (10-12-2009 06:11:50)

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10-12-2009 11:02:01
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Inregistrat: 14-03-2009

Doktoru2000 a scris:

gigi, tata, sa traiesti! multam fain! excelente pentru fiimea!

te rog sa verifici link-ul de RS pentru "Brain Challenge", nu merge!
... si pentru "The Fairies Fairy Magic"!

Asa este !Unele link-uri nu mai functioneaza si nu mai am kit cu ele arhivate.Daca le mai gasesc pe undeva am sa le pun!

10-12-2009 21:31:30
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Inregistrat: 10-12-2009
Thanks gigione01. Este misto Little Shop Memories  .

10-12-2009 21:42:18
Pe lista neagra

Inregistrat: 14-03-2009
Nursery Rhymes Studio 1.0

Musical game for kids .

Download link : ... io_1.0.rar

My Abcd Portable

Game for kids (age 3-5).

Download link : ... rtable.rar

Mozart Musical Adventure

An amazing game for kids !

Download : ... e.rar.html

Magic Encyclopedia. First Story

Catherine had just finished taking her exams at the Academy for Magic when she received an urgent message born on the wings of a paper bird. Curious, she opened the note and was instantly transported to a strange jungle, where she began her whirlwind adventure to stop the awakening of a terrible dragon.

As Catherine’s guiding hand, you’ll travel around the world, collecting various objects and then using them to solve cunning puzzles. Featuring hand-painted scenery, addictive mini-games and a spellbinding story, Magic Encyclopedia offers a seek-and-find adventure you’ll never forget!

Download ... _Story.rar

Let's Play Pet Hospitals [2009]

Let’s Play: Pet Hospitals is a virtual pet simulation game. The objective is to raise the Animal Rescue Centre ranking by treating animals, dealing with customers and by improving the Centers infrastructure.

n game the player is in charge of a Charity-Funded Animal Rescue Centre for animals both lost and abandoned. The player must treat the animals who are suffering from health and hygiene conditions associated with poor nutrition and poor care. Once brought back to health the animals can be adopted by new owners.

Download ... _-_Iso.rar

Kid's Abacus 2.0

Kid's Abacus 2.0 is a Free Math Worksheets based Software using a Graphical method of learning the Numbers and Counting from 1 to 100. The Free Math Worksheets based software has been designed for ease of use, fast setup and interactivity. Full Audio-Visual and Multimedia features have been built into the program to make learning the basics of Numbers and Counting an enjoyable learning math experience for children with math lesson plans.

Download ... us_2.0.rar

Jojo's Fashion Show 2

Return to the runway with Jojo and Rosalind. Make stylish outfits for female and male models as you showcase your fashion sense on runways from L.A. to Berlin. Then capture great looks in new fashion photo shoots.

Last season Jojo Cruz came out of retirement to take the fashion world by storm. With the help of her daughter Rosalind, Jojo used her impeccable eye for matching outfits to brighten runways around the world.

Now Jojo and Rosalind have great expectations they must meet as they launch their joint line, Las Cruces. Unfortunately, Katrine Yue, the new editor at Fashion Wear Daily, has strong opinions about what constitutes elegance and it doesn't always match the Cruz vision. She's assigned her star photographer Avett to cover all of the Cruz shows.

Can Jojo and Rosalind continue working together in the face of new challenges including designing for men? Is one label big enough for two strong women?

Make stylish outfits from cute tops, elegant dresses and stunning heels as you showcase your fashion sense on runways around the world. Then capture the looks in the brand new fashion photo shoot mode.

System Requirements:
Windows 2000 or better.
Pentium 4 or better.
800MHz or faster CPU.
System Memory of 512MB or more.
HD Space of 70MB or more.
Monitor Resolution Width 800 or better.
Monitor Resolution Height 600 or better.
DirectX 7 or better.


Download: ... Cruces.rar


Jigsaw World

Imagine opening a box of puzzle pieces only to find out it contained not one but 60 puzzles! That's what you'll get when you play Jigsaw World, a game packed with hours of easy breezy puzzle fun. Choose puzzles from a selection of six gorgeous themes and then piece them together using your mouse. Assemble blossoms so colorful they seem to pop off your computer screen and scenery so beautiful you'll wish you were there. The best parts: there won't be any missing pieces, your kids won't accidentally mess them up and you won't have to clear the dining room table to get started! So grab a cup of your favorite brew, set aside some time for yourself and play Jigsaw World today!

* 60 puzzles
* Six visual themes
* Unlimited game time
* Upgrades to new versions
* Complete customer support

Download ... d_v1.0.rar


Jigsaw Puzzle Platinum

Jigsaw Puzzle Platinum Edition is a truly realistic jigsaw puzzle game which has everything you need to create and play great-looking puzzles. The game provides a very comfortable puzzling environment and superb graphics. Intricately shaped pieces have slick outlines and beveled edges and cast real shadows. In this high quality game you can create your own puzzles with optional background music. Of course you can also modify them at any time. Whilst solving a puzzle you have some help at your disposal which make solving the puzzle easier. If you complete a puzzle you can exhibit it in a 3D gallery.

Download ... latest.rar

Interactive Picture Dictionary

Interactive Picture Dictionary & Word Games With Audio

Game for kids.

Download ... _Games.rar

Flower Paradise v1.1

Paradise awaits in this fun filled flower matching game! Match 18 unique flower types as you build your own Japanese, Hawaiian and French gardens. Play traditional Match 3 puzzles or try the innovative Box Clear Mode! Customize your gardens with birds, butterflies, landscaping and more as you unlock new flowers and features. Once you have your garden exactly the way you like it, you can turn it into wallpaper for your desktop, or even an animated screensaver!

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
DirectX 9
800 MHz
512 MB RAM

Size : 34 Mb

Download ... e_v1.1.rar

Effective English 1.002.012

Hear words from a native English speaker; see animations and great pictures. Here you see is Effective-English for Beginners, a great and easy way to learn the Basics of English from a native English speaker.

All elements in this program are designed to make you think and understand better, without being consciously aware of learning them.

So what can Effective-English for Beginners do?
Essential literacy and numeric skills. Features up to 250 various items to learn. There are great pictures, which help describe the words you are learning.
Help is available in both English and Korean.
Proper speech of the Words and Alphabet from native speaker.
There are a variety of fun exercises, which focus on words and spelling along with word and picture association. Build up a catalog of essential words as well as learning sentences to use them.
Ability to learn and hear the Alphabet. Examples of words with pictures are given.
Learn to write the Alphabet in both "UPPERCASE" and "lowercase " characters to show how to write them correctly.
There are two languages, British English and American English.
Play games such as, Pictures and Words, English Picture Flash Cards, Find a Matching Pair and Missing Numbers.
Learn and build knowledge of numbers.

Download ... 02.012.rar

Easter Crafts

53 extraordinay designs of crafmanship for Easter.

Download Link: ... _-_jpg.rar

Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

135 jpg images for coloring

Download link: ... r_Kids.rar

Digital Make-up

Digital Make-up is software unfolding your imagination and heling you express yourself with a virtual hair style for any occasion. Playing this game you can choose a style that suits you, in time, all the time. Designed to be customer friendly, the Digital Make-up Make-Over is perfect for creating a winning look. It is the newest and most exciting way to create a whole new you in minutes.

Download : ... ake-up.rar

Digital hairdressing saloon

With this entertaining and creative software, you can design your own fashion look for Men. This make-over tool for men is loaded with features designed to assist in the creation of a handsome new look. You can experiment with hair styles like Blunt Bob, Casual, Soft Dimensional, Razor cut, Short Topper, Traditional, Twisted Quiff, Wavy Layer and more.

Download link : ... saloon.rar

Diaper Dash

It's a girl! And a boy! In fact, it's every adorable baby in DinerTown, all bundled up for you to lavish with love. Keep these DinerTown darlings cooing by helping out Wilson, who's in over his head running the local daycare. Now's the time to make a play date now with the game that’s literally crawling with fun!


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merci jeune homme

Vanitas vanitatum, et omnia vanitas

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Par interesante jocurile, dar nici un link nu mai merge...

Va rog, se pot reposta?...

Macar o parte dintre ele...


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Carmen76 a scris:

Par interesante jocurile, dar nici un link nu mai merge...

Va rog, se pot reposta?...

Macar o parte dintre ele...


Au fost sterse de catre uploader. Iar acesta este pe lista neagra. Slabe sperante sa le mai puna cineva...

"In politica, prostia nu este un handicap". - Napoleon Bonaparte

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Doar eventual de catre cei care le-au descarcat atunci...

Caci se pare ca au fost multumiti de ele...

Sper si eu...             

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Mai vrem si noi ceva cu Teletubbies pls

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