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Forum Romania Inedit / Filme clasice - Old Movies / Bye Bye Monkey (1978) Moderat de 80Inanna, Silva, bibescu, bronson  
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Cristian G.

Din: Bucharest / Romania
Inregistrat: acum 12 ani
XVID, 560x304, 25.00 fps, 795 Kbps, English, MP3 stereo @ 128 Kbps | 01:48:34 | 726 MB
Comedy / Drama / Surrealist
Also known as: "Ciao maschio"
Cannes 1978 Grand Prize of the Jury
Starring Gerard Depadieu, Marcello Mastroianni

A man walking on the beach near New York City finds the corpse of King Kong. He also finds Kong's orphaned son, and takes him to a friend who lives in the city, and they decide to raise him.
Bye Bye Monkey is a rare exercise in cinematic existentialism that does not drown in its own pretence. In fact, the film's greatest achievement is that it somehow manages to be entertaining despite having a plot which basically involves Gerard Depardieu walking around with a monkey. There are, of course, detours from this central premise and they are just as perplexing. Ferreri offers a Roman wax museum subplot, feminist dancers interested in experiencing rape, a massive gorilla corpse/sculpture and a love scene between a young Depardieu and a then 65 year old Geraldine Fitzgerald. Did I mention that Gerard Depardieu incessantly blows a whistle throughout the film? ... ri.avi.001 ... ri.avi.002 ... ri.avi.003 ... ri.avi.004 ... ri.avi.005


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