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Forum Romania Inedit / Filme - Movies / Rebound (2009) - R5 Moderat de 80Inanna, Silva, bronson, kla2005, maharet  
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Cristian G.

Din: Bucharest / Romania
Inregistrat: acum 12 ani
R5 | English | 89 min | 1.38 GB | 704x304 | XVID - 1929 kbps | MP3 - 160 kbps
Genre: Comedy | Romance

When a beautiful, smart, suburban 40-year-old mother discovers her husband is cheating, she takes her two children to New York City to start over. A demanding new job forces her to hire a nanny, and she chooses 25-year-old Aram, who is still trying to figure out what he wants in life. As Aram increasingly becomes attached to her kids, Aram and Sandy become aware of their own undeniable chemistry. THE REBOUND is a fresh, witty, and sexy comedy about an unexpected romance.

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"Catalunya is a nation and FC Barcelona its army" - Sir Bobby Robson

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e in rusa

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Membru Senior

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Am si eu aceeasi varianta , in rusa sunt decat primele 5 ori 6 min , dupa aceea intra audio in engleza

To follow the path:
    look to the master,
    follow the master,
    walk with the master,
    see through the master,
    become the master.

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